8 Reasons To Travel Solo

Wednesday, August 30, 2017


  1. Memories
    25 Oct, 2017
    Recently, I spent a lot of time reflecting back to memories of my childhood; some filled me with joy, others with tears and gratitude. I was born in Bangkok, one of the best city in the world. A city that I strolled around as a child with my friends without much of my parents super vision. My mom was just starting her clothing business and my dad became a taxi driver after he lost his sales job. I shared a bedroom with my brother, Ton and my sister, Nuttha. Our bed room consists of one small
  2. 13 Laws To Live By
    18 Oct, 2017
    13 Laws To Live By
    Before I applied these few guidelines, my life was difficult and stressful. This brief list of constructive tips are not credited to me but rather the various authors that I have read throughout my journey.The life I live is still difficult and at times stressful but through the taxing obstacles that have come to pass has come the gift of unquestionable growth. Arguments escalate situations We all have been in an argument at some point in our lives and most of the time it has escalated the
  3. Why Motivational Media Is Crap
    11 Oct, 2017
    Why Motivational Media Is Crap
    "Get Motivated" I hear a lot of that serving in the military. The truth to that statement Is though most of us are not motivated. You can go watch a motivational video on youtube to get you motivated so you can get things done but that type of motivation can never last. Many of us have set goals and tell ourselves "starting tomorrow I am going to get up early to clean, go to the gym and stop jacking off to porn five times a day" but the next morning when the alarm goes off at 6 a.m. we told our
  4. New York City Wall Art
    04 Oct, 2017
    Why Pain Is Good For Your Life
    In life, there are events that are unfortunate and there are events that cause us to be excited about life. At some point in your life, a question of why do bad things happen to people?  appear in your head as if it was ingrained in our DNA. To put this into perspective imagine a life with no pain or unfortunate event that occurs to you. Would it be a great life right? Probably not. Our appreciation for things comes from the amount of investment we put into them.  Bad things happen when we make
  5. 27 Sep, 2017
    Most Of Us Are Slaves Of Our Society
    We live in a time so efficient and fasts which cause things to change constantly. Get the new iPhone, get an Audi so you can be cool like Iron Man drives, get a bigger house even though you only have a family of three because it is the American dream. It is not our fault nor is it our parent's. If you live in a western world our culture is surrounded by luxury and things we can't afford. Television shows choose to show only the top 1% partying on their million dollar yacht in a colognes
  6. 20 Sep, 2017
    The Dark Side Of Traveling Solo
    Remember my recent post on why you should take a solo trip? well I am going to talk about the side that not many people talk about, the dark side. Solo traveling can be fun, excited, and adventurous because you have the ability to adapt and go with the flow. Solo traveling can also be an emotional drainage. How you may ask? I have taken a few solo trips and my last one got me thinking if I could continue to do this for the rest of my life, traveling by myself, not having a permanent home,
  7. How To Deal With Stress
    13 Sep, 2017
    How To Deal With Stress
    It is normal to feel stress. I would even say the right amount of stress is healthy. In today's world, we deal with stress sometimes only for a day, sometimes for months because it is part of life but we can reduce stress and learn how to deal with them. There are two types of stress, the type of stress that encourage you to get things done such as working towards your goals and then there is a type of stress that will bring you down to your knees and scream at the man above you "Why Me!" In
  8. Washington D.C. To Montreal Round Trip Under $200
    06 Sep, 2017
    Washington D.C. To Montreal Round Trip Under $200
    Montreal is truly a North American gem, its character and charm will make you have no choice but to fall in love. The city will make you feel as if you are strolling down the street in Europe due to its European architecture in the old port, amazing nightlife, and food... who doesn't love food. I will share with you how I got from D.C. to Montreal for just under $200 round trip. I was searching for things I could do in a short period of time (2-3 days trip) I have met a few people from
  9. The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho
    23 Aug, 2017
    The Alchemist By Paulo Coelho
    There are moments that change your life and there are books that change the way you perceive the world.  This is one of those books. This is not a book review, rather, it is a way to express the message this book has passed to me. The Alchemist The boy's name was Santiago. He dreamed of traveling the world but his father wanted him to become a priest.  His father told him "Those people, when they see our land, say that they would like to live here forever," (Most of our loved ones want the