Hello, my name is Parm and I was born and raised in Thailand until I was 11 years years old.  I then moved to India for  2 years prior to me officially moving to the United States. With little knowledge of the English language and no friends to turn to other than my siblings, I had to find a way to make friends but I will save all my sob stories for later. Got my first job at 16 years old working as a lifeguard and had a few minimum wage jobs after that. I didn't know what I wanted to do once graduation was approaching, I just knew I had to take a step forward. I decided to enlist in the military. Throughout my journey in the military I learned many life lessons, but most importantly I found my passion. This is how I am going to record my life. Think of it as my diary with thoughts of you in mind. I will share life lessons, my success and my failures.
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